๐Ÿš€ The GPU Dilemma: Rising Demand, Shortages, and the Quest for Alternatives

  1. The Rise of GPUs: From enhancing PC graphics to powering HPC, crypto, and generative AI, GPUs have evolved into high-performance tools. The demand for GPUs is increasing, which may lead to scarcity and higher prices in the future.

  2. GPU Shortages Impacting AI: OpenAI and companies like Bytedance are facing GPU shortages, hampering their ability to deploy multi-modal models. The exploding generative AI industry has contributed to the high demand for GPUs.

  3. Exploring Alternatives: While GPUs are desirable for many HPC applications, the availability of GPUs is a concern due to the demands of generative AI. This may prompt HPC practitioners to consider CPU-only solutions or explore novel methods, such as leveraging internal GPUs for additional computational power.

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The growing demand for GPUs in various fields, including HPC, crypto, and AI, has resulted in shortages and increased prices. Companies like OpenAI and Bytedance are experiencing challenges due to the limited availability of GPUs. As a result, alternative approaches, such as CPU-only solutions or utilizing internal GPUs, are being considered to address the scarcity. This dynamic shift in the GPU market poses implications for both end-users and the broader technology landscape.

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Graphics cards, called GPUs, were once used for better graphics in PCs, but now they’re in high demand for tasks like AI and cryptocurrency. However, there aren’t enough GPUs to go around, which makes them expensive and hard to find. People are looking for other ways to do their work, like using only the main computer chip or exploring new ideas. It’s a challenging situation that affects many industries.

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Source ๐Ÿ“š: https://www.hpcwire.com/2023/07/13/the-great-gpu-squeeze-is-upon-us/

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