What is digital engineer?

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Anker Kafory


About the Editor

Anker Kafory: A Tech/AI Engineer, Artist, and Innovator

Hello, I’m Anker, a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for technology and creativity. With a 20-year background in web development, IT management, and expertise in the field of AI, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

As the founder of Anker Elite, an entity specializing in lifestyle technology solutions, I am committed to exploring the exciting realm of digital and virtual technologies. By harnessing the power of software, applications, and virtual experiences, I aim to create transformative solutions that seamlessly integrate into various aspects of our lives and help empower us in an Era of Gatekeeping.

Lifestyle technologies, in my view, encompass more than just physical tools or gadgets. They represent a digital ecosystem designed to enhance our daily routines, habits, and personal lifestyles. From immersive mobile apps for health tracking and well-being to virtual reality simulations for mental rejuvenation, these technologies have the potential to elevate our lives in ways previously unimaginable.

As an artist, I also recognize the creative possibilities inherent in the fusion of technology and lifestyle. Through my digital illustrations, interactive installations, and other art forms, I strive to showcase the beauty and potential of lifestyle technologies as they intertwine with the human experience.

On Digital Engineer, you will find a wealth of resources and insights into the world of digital lifestyle technologies. I curate from and delve into topics ranging from AI advancements and gaming innovations to cryptocurrency applications and beyond. My articles aim to inform, inspire, and ignite conversations about the exciting possibilities that the digital realm has to offer.

I invite you to explore my links below, browse my thought-provoking summaries, and discover the transformative potential of lifestyle technologies such as AI post automation. Connect with me through the provided contact information or engage with me on social media. Let’s embark on a journey where technology intertwines seamlessly with our everyday lives, enriching our experiences and opening doors to new possibilities.



What is a digital engineer?

Digital engineers use computer-aided technologies to design and develop products. They create models and simulations, capture data, and may also develop new software programs or applications. Digital engineering involves integrating computer-based systems with traditional engineering practices to create more efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions. 

Digital engineering’s goal is to accelerate the development of complex products, systems, and sub-systems. It involves a holistic approach to the design of a complex system. Digital engineers use models and data instead of documents, and integrate data across models.

Digital engineering is the design and development of applications that use digital technology.  One example of digital engineering is the digital twin, which is a software simulation of a physical system. Digital twins are used to simulate and optimize the performance of physical systems. For example, a digital twin of a plant can be compared to the performance of a real plant. 

Other examples of digital engineering include: Digital automation, Content creators, Data analytics, Artificial intelligence (AI, Machine learning, NLP, etc.).

Digital engineering can be used to create drawings, simulations, and 3D models to gather data and test designs. This allows designers to explore different options and come up with more sophisticated solutions.