A Lesson Unlearned: How Rome’s Dignity Blindspot Mirrors America’s 2024 Debacle

In “A Lesson Unlearned,” parallels are drawn between Rome’s fall and America’s 2024 turmoil. The book dissects how both powers, blinded by self-perceived dignity, ignored the societal cracks that led to their downfalls. It’s a cautionary tale of pride and the cyclical nature of history, urging introspection and humility in governance.

From Isolation to Innovation: The Role of ChatGPT and Custom GPTs in Empowering the ‘Lonely Genius’

“From Isolation to Innovation” explores the transformative impact of ChatGPT and custom GPT models on solitary creators. These AI tools bridge the gap between seclusion and collaboration, enabling the ‘Lonely Genius’ to refine ideas and catalyze breakthroughs, thus redefining the creative landscape in an era where technology empowers unprecedented solo ingenuity.